Here is my first blog in English. I want to go global so I have to change my languach. What`s my goal? Very simple. I have a deep respect for crafts of all kind. In our world everything has to go fast and has to be finished fast. And that is not possible when you are a craftsman. It takes knowledge and skills but most of all it takes time.


The crochet blanket I made for my mother took me 9 month. The making was a pleasure to do because I love to work with my hands and I new that my mother liked it. She had choose the yarn and the patron. After I had finished the blanket


I found a fine tablecloth for my interior. I found a splendid collorcombination and my hands did the rest. And the result is gordious. P1100707

Last year I red a book about slowdesign. The writer explaned his admiring of crafters of all kind. I was happy and surpriced and I made myself a promise to be an ambassader of ‘slowdesign’. Of course as good as possible.


I look at T and FB to find those craftsmen. And hopefully support all the kind of slowdesign for interiors and textile. My blogs won`t be long as you see. Because I take my time to work futher with my hands. I want to finish so many work still…and writing in English…is not so fast as it could be in Dutch 😉